12 ways to use this page to improve your marketing for free.

Free Marketing Consultancy. (30 Zoom call with Michael Makdah)

If you’re looking for free 30-minute marketing consultation, send a message with your marketing challenge. We can get on a Zoom call, and I can give you three strategies to solve this challenge.

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Challenge your site without having to hire an expert. Free website review.

At some point, you will think your website is perfect. There is no such thing as an ideal site. There is always room for improvement. Allow me to record a video of the site and send it to you to make it better. Just send me your site, and say challenge it, and leave it with me.

Get a Free Go-to-market plan.

Lot’s of tech startups will leave this to the last minute. I created a template that we can tailor to your needs. Just drop me your elevator pitch, your customer avatar, and your marketing budget. I’ll send you back a workable worksheet. We can also jump on a call to tailor it to your needs.

Make Digital Marketing work for you. Free Action plan for revamping your digital.

Are you not living up to your full digital marketing potential? Drop me a line with where you feel you feel there is space for improvement, and I can help bring you up to speed with a tailored digital revamp plan.

Adopt an agile Marketing management technique—a Free how-to guide.

Agile marketing has proven it’s a success over and over again. Get a quick walkthrough on implementing this discipline in your company—using templates, free tools, all the bells and whistles to get up to speed in agile marketing.

Find your North Star again. Zero in on your mission.

Typically, your startup/company losses track of the mission or the value prop. It needs to make sense financially first, which causes the company to lose track of its mission. If you would like to refine the vision and get back on track and need someone to walk you through finding the marketing north star, drop me a line, and we can help you get back on track.

Assemble a marketing team. Free Marketing Roadmap.

You will probably need job descriptions, screening tests, key performance indicators for each marketing team member. Let me help craft a default plan to hire remote, freelance, and full-time peeps. Just let me know what your needs are, and I can send you a Marketing Roadmap to work from so that you can start hiring.

Get more from Google Analytics free walkthrough call for Google analytics.

At some point, you might find yourself staring at Google analytics and not understand what is happening. Drop me a line with your name, email, and website. Let’s get on a call and start discussing how to get more from your Google Analytics account.

Strategy Compass. Free consultation on marketing strategy.

A simple tool to help point you in the right direction. Many companies have no idea that it exists; let this simple process become your GPS for every business decision moving forward. Book a call, and let’s talk about marketing strategy.

Find my avatar—free Walk through the call with a marketing expert.

Know thy customer. If you have a problem building customer avatars, personas, let me know. I can help you through this process. The better you know your customers, the easier your marketing will be. Get a free consultation on finding your avatars.

Overhaul my Marketing Tech stack. Free marketing tech stack assessment.

Yes, there is a high chance of being outdated. Marketing technology is one of the fastest-changing industries. We all get in our comfort zones, especially when it comes to our marketing. I have a sheer obsession with finding the latest tools and reviewing them. If you would like to revamp your marketing tech stack and need a 3rd person’s opinion, drop me a line with your site and check my stack.

Improve your Marketing today, drop me a line.